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COLOMBIA Medellin Supremo (arabica)

zdjęcie COLOMBIA Medellin Supremo jednorodny
Smak i aromat Баланс карамельной сладости и шоколадной горечи во вкусе с мягкой цитрусовой кислинкой, легким ягодным послевкусием.
Rodzaj ziarna 100% арабика
Różnorodność Бурбон, Типика
Region uprawy Колумбия, Антигуа, Медельин
wysokość wzrostu 1100-1500 м
Przetwórstwo zboża Влажная, сушка на солнце
Wielkość ziarna 17/19 scr.
Waga 250 г

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Colombia is a country famous for its coffee plantations. After Brazil, Colombia produces the largest amount of coffee in the world.
A feature of Colombian coffee is softness. It is also called "soft" for its pleasant sweetness. After all, coffee trees are often grown in the shade of taller plants and interspersed with fruit trees. It is this organization of the plantation that allows you to get a noble acidity that will be felt even in the darkest roast.
As for Colombia Supremo Medellin, this variety has a fairly large grain and a pleasant chocolate-nutty taste. Freshly roasted coffee from Colombia is well suited for preparation in espresso coffee machines, ideally combined with milk. It will help you cheer up in the morning and fill the day with calmness.

  • Producent: BEDOUIN
  • Kod produktu: arabica
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