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Rwanda Agaciro

New Фото Rwanda Agaciro monosort
Taste and aroma Citrus fruits, berries, chocolate, pear, spices
Type of bean 100% arabica Bourbon and Typica
growth height 1400 - 1900м
Grain processing Washed
Roasting for Espresso
weight 250г

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In Kinyarwanda Agaciro is a word used to define dignity, value and a small price. An apt name for this product. Agaciro is a quality developed by Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) to make better use of the low-density beans not suitable for high-end washed coffees. During the dry milling they separate the low-density beans out from the main product on Fully Washed lots. These beans typically make up around 7-10% of unsorted parchment coffee. Typically, the Agaciro has lower acidity and sweetness than its high-density counterpart but it still presents a clean and pleasant cup at a very good value price. As a by-product of the main washed lots it’s volume is limited and dependent on the volume of fully washed coffees RTC are preparing.

Agaciro coffee is composed primarily of beans rejected from the gravity table and color sorter, that fall short of our very strict quality control of 1st grade coffees. It is a value coffee that continues to hold the taste profile that Rwanda has become known for but lacking consistency in visible appearance.

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