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Dreaming of opening your own coffee shop?

Entrust your dream to professionals

Payback from 9 months

Implementation period from 60 days

Investments from $12,000

Our projects that we created from scratch


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Coffee shop “I'll Be Black”



What can we take on?


Search for a place, development of a concept, creation of a name, drawing up a business plan, development of interior design


Search for contractors and suppliers, repair and decoration of premises, selection and ordering of furniture, purchase and adjustment of equipment, placement of furniture and equipment


Development and processing of menus, selection of coffee beans, advertising on social networks and the media, automation of the accounting process, organization of the launch and operation of the cafe in general

Why us?

When creating a coffee shop, we are based on the 5P rule


The product must be cool and high quality


The place should be relevant to the product you are selling and to the audience you are buying


The price must be competitive in terms of product and location


It's your team that creates the product, and the people for whom it creates it


Properly selected marketing tools help to draw attention to your business

We are often asked:

The cost of opening a coffee shop depends on many factors: the cost of real estate, the necessary equipment, materials and specialists in your city, borrowed or own funds, the level of the institution, the characteristics of competition, and others. The area and what target audience the coffee shop is aimed at matter. After all, you can open a coffee shop on wheels or a small coffee box and offer "coffee to go." Or buy / rent a room, develop an author's design taking into account all fashion trends, install modern equipment, build your own confectionery shop and kitchen. The budget of such establishments will be different.

It all depends on the format of the establishment - the size of the rented area, the number of people in the team, the composition and quality of the menu. How the concept suits your target audience. Usually for a small coffee house the payback period is from 9 months, for a large project from 18 months.

It’s worth starting with building a concept and understanding who your target audience is, then looking for a room with a suitable area in the right place.

In addition to the already classic advertising on social networks, there are many more tools - placement on online maps, working with local tour operators, correctly placed outdoor advertising, recommendations in local groups and chats, advertising and promotions in conjunction with the "neighborhood" business, and many more. options that will convey information to your audience.

Everything is simple here!)) The Bedoin coffee team constantly conducts coffee tastings and cuppings, participates in championships and exhibitions and can guarantee the quality of the grain. Additional advantages of working with us are openness and availability for communication - we regularly organize meetings, lectures, coffee events, help with the selection and configuration of equipment, search and training of the team.

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