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Honduras Guara Roja SHG

Guara Roja is a red Honey process coffee that comes from our Specialty Program with a significant de..

263.00 грн

Rwanda Agaciro

In Kinyarwanda Agaciro is a word used to define dignity, value and a small price. An apt name for th..

240.00 грн

Coffee notebook 80 pages

40 sheets a4, lined on one side for cupping coffee, on the other - blank for notes. Text in Ukrainia..

120.00 грн

Colombia Medellin Supremo

Colombia is a country famous for its coffee plantations. After Brazil, Colombia produces the large..

255.00 грн

Mexico Oaxaca Esmeralda

A long chain of today inactive volcanoes stretches out in the well known coffee region Pluma in Oaxa..

240.00 грн

water bottle 400ml

Flask for water and not only from aluminum for 400 ml of liquid. Empty container weight - 77g.Comes ..

320.00 грн

Honduras San Marcos SHG

San Marcos is a city on the northern border of Honduras and El Salvador, where almost the entire pop..

240.00 грн

Uganda Drugar

Coffee is selected and roasted for drink lovers with milk..

210.00 грн

DECAF Colombia

Our Colombia Supremo decaf coffee was produced using the "Sparkling Water Decaf" technology. This m..

278.00 грн