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Bedoin 2 Business

Many business owners pay little attention to the quality of coffee their employees, colleagues and partners drink, so we want to bring the right culture of coffee consumption to your business.

OFFICE + Bedoin

These solutions will help improve the company's service:

  • Equipment selection
  • Wholesale coffee sales
  • Free coffee delivery to the office
  • Equipment setup and maintenance
  • Corporate gifts for your team and partners
  • Training employees to work with coffee equipment

Coffee shop + Bedoin

People coming to a coffee shop want to drink high-quality and delicious coffee, so to help coffee shops that want to improve the quality of drinks served to their guests, we offer the following services:

  • Design and renovation of a coffee shop or shop
  • Selection and sale of professional equipment
  • Setting up, maintenance, repair of equipment
  • Creation of a team
  • Training staff in the art of making coffee
  • Establishment and control of work, implementation of standards
  • Wholesale and free coffee delivery

We have experience in opening coffee houses and together we can create a unique project!

Contacts for communication:

+38 (098) 475 17 70 Maksim