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О Компании BEDOIN coffee

The reason for launching a coffee roasting shop and creating the "BEDOIN coffee" brand is the history of launching new coffee houses, including our own projects - in 2016 “The Snob coffee shop” and in 2017 the Nos coffee house. We have worked with different coffee producers and knew from the first person what our client and end consumer needed. At a certain stage of development, we realized that we could cover all the needs of the client with our own coffee production, which allowed us to control the quality of the drink at another important stage in getting coffee from the plantation to the end consumer.

For us, coffee is more than just a drink to wake up in the morning or drink a croissant. We perceive coffee as a tool for creating new sensations and emotions, as a product that deserves to be an occasion for meeting and discussion. We manage to create a collection of coffee in which any person can find something special, something tasty.

Our goal is to create a culture of consumption of natural coffee, for those who are looking for new sensations.

We have a team of professionals and we can solve all your coffee needs.

Konstantin Tkachenko - Sale of coffee and equipment

@kostya_bedoin_coffee      0675001303

Lev Volodarsky - Training, head barista

@lionvolodarsky      0504525237

Maxim Bykovets - Head of production, consulting

@max_bedoin      0984751770

Edik Podgorny - Coffee roasting